Banyan by the Ganges

When your pet needs to play!

Banyan by the Ganges

When your pet needs a break!

Banyan by the Ganges

When your pet needs some fun!

Banyan by the Ganges

When your pet needs a swim!

Banyan by the Ganges

When your pet needs your time!

Banyan by the Ganges

When your pet needs some space!

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Enjoy a pet-friendly vacation at BBTG

Banyan by the Ganges Is pet friendly and invites you to bring along your furry family friend. They will love the freedom to stretch their legs, running around and playing. Take them for a hike or swim with them in the river along with our safety instructor. You are generally not required to keep your pet on a leash as long as other guests have no problems with that.

Please bring along their bedding so that they may have a familiar comfort in a new place. You may also carry their favorite kibbles and biscuits. It is advisable to instruct the staff well in time regarding your pet’s dietary requirements so that the pooches do not have to wait for their meals. Food Bowls are provided, in case you forget to carry them.

Banyan by the Ganges

Run, Eat, Play and Love!

Pet friendly vacations at Banyan by the Ganges, two dogs playing with ball

Special menu for Pets

(Sugar, salt and Oil free)

  • Home cooked chicken soup with or without vegetables.
  • Water poached or boiled eggs
  • Milk and/or Curd and/or Paneer
  • Bread and/or Roti and/or Rice
Pet friendly vacations at Banyan by the Ganges, girl patting dogs

Things you should Know

  • Your pet should not be aggressive as there will be other guests and children around.
  • All the required vaccinations should be up to date.
  • A nominal fee of Rs.500 for large breeds and Rs.350 for small breeds will be charged per day.
Pet friendly vacations at Banyan by the Ganges, 2 dogs walking on rocks

Pet-friendly Notes

  • You pet may relieve itself in the designated area and owners are requested to clean pet waste immediately with bio degradable waste bags or even better, simple newspaper.
  • You must maintain complete control and responsibility of your ward at all times.


A few encouraging words from our guests!

Digital Detox and Pet Friendly!

This is a hidden gem, perfect for a digital detox courtesy a non-existent cellular network and no wifi either (the only thing that works is BSNL for those who must be contactable by phone), and has the added benefit of being pet friendly, for some R&R with your 4 legged friends. We (and the pup) enjoyed the pristine surroundings, the sound of the Ganga and some excellent food – and some stellar company in the form of the hosts and their 2 legged and 4 legged guests. Our retriever had the time of her life, from digging holes, racing around the property, being off-leash, to splashing in the Ganga and making friends with the resident strays and Sasha (our hosts’ lab) – she was the happiest dog!
Tips: Doggie parents – do bring their bedding, toys like tug ropes/balls/Frisbees, a warm sweater/jacket (quite cold during the winters)/a raincoat (during the rains). The kitchen was happy to provide chicken, but we carried her kibble from home as well.



A must visit for stress relief

BBTG is a place for people who love to be closer to nature, seeking peace and relaxation…The staff and management are very helpful and the food is amazing!! Overall a destination for people to forget about all worldly tension and just chill…plus you can take your pets along which a big bonus for people like us!

ZinniaBaruah, Gurugram

Pet Friendly Resort

Our dog had the most amazing time of all running around the property, digging through the sand on the river beach or jumping in the water to swim next to my wife. They were also quite good in cooking boiled chicken and rice for my dog’s meals. There are leopards in the area though, so it is advisable to keep your dog on a short leash once it gets dark. With our dog, the entire day’s activities including swimming in the rapids had left her pretty tired, so she was actually pretty content to lie down in-between us, in front of the bonfire, and sleep the evening away.
Overall, I am not sure who enjoyed the property more – we or our dog. But one thing is for sure, we are definitely looking forward to our next trip there.


YBNormal78, Gurugram

Off the beaten route

I welcomed 2016 here spending the New Year’s Eve with my family and friends and our dogs (even one cat) – it is a pet friendly place.
I hope to visit the place soon enough the moment I can take out time for another holiday and enjoy my time sitting by the Ganges, reading a book while my dog explores the area going berserk with the open space and freedom away from the confines of living in a city condo. Can’t say I blame him for I feel the same as well.


andyprakash, Gurugram