Riverstone Diner & Lounge

Riverstone Diner & Lounge

Riverstone Diner and Lounge, Banyan by the Ganges

The Diner

One of the focal points of the resort is the spacious dining-area-cum-lounge. It has been built exclusively using local stones painstakingly lugged in by mules from around the river and is aptly named Riverstone Diner.

The architecture was meticulously conceptualized and built with the now hard to find art of stone masonry. It was imperative to look beyond the common brick and mortar structure and create a space where one could be a generic part of the mountains and river surrounding us. Finding artisans who had the knowledge of this traditional art was a task in itself and we did not make it easier by raising the whole structure by a height of 6 feet and hugely expanded the ‘window’ area to ensure an uninterrupted view of the river.

Riverstone Diner and Lounge, Banyan by the Ganges

The Lounge

What was created purely as a Diner slowly metamorphosed into a partial lounge where you could read a book from our small but interesting library, or strum a few notes on the guitar or connect with friends and family over a board game. We also decided against the idea of enclosing it with glass as that would have defeated the whole experience of being one with the natural surroundings.

The area directly below the diner is created to host evenings by the bonfire and indulge in conversation with your fellow travelers or with our experienced Guides who can engage you with their various experiences of rafting, trekking and leopard sightings in the area.

A table with a view

A setting for great evenings

The Cuisine

A Recipe has no soul; it is cooking with Love that brings soul to the food.


At Banyan by the Ganges we take our food very seriously. Our efforts are born of a simple mission: to encourage people to connect with food, to reignite the experience of sharing your meal and time, with one another.


Wholesome, healthy and hearty meals are cooked with an attention to flavor, detail and variety to indulge you to overeat – an oft repeated ‘complaint’ by our guests.


We love Foodies and humbly endeavor to tickle your palate by serving delectable food whose tastes will linger on long after you leave.

Do you have a food preference?

Cuisine at Banyan by the Ganges

We are grateful to showcase some of our guest’s gracious reviews of our food on TripAdvisor.

“The food was absolutely delicious, having worked and stayed in 5 star hotels over different continents, I was really amazed by the quality of food and the fresh ingredients used. I’m still thinking about the tomato soup I had in the cold night under a full moon. I loved the food…”

“The food was home-style with simple yet amazingly tasteful desserts. Sitting around the bonfire eating delicious momos and soup…”
“I have never eaten such sophisticated food at a tented resort- who does a perfect bake with a crisp exterior and a deeply satisfying, bubbly, hearty interior – at a location so far removed from everything. There’s more; anen point gourd curry, mushur daal done to perfection, crisp luchi, bowls of fruit cream redolent of childhood.”
“The care and attention of the team starting from the Chefs (amazing food curated by Uttara Khan) ensured no food item was repeated throughout the stay…. “
“The food at BBTG is fantastic. The meals are homely and delicious and they really feed you well…”
“The buffet spread was awesome, as was every meal that followed….. Coming back to the food (It WAS that good), there was ample choice for vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike. The biryani and kebabs on New Year’s Eve are something I will always remember. And the carrot cake and the orange kheer, and the dal that was to die for…”
“Food is simply superb; from asking what you would like to eat to simply making hot pakodas when it starts pouring, you have it all…”
“You will have to go to the dining area for your morning tea and meals – you will not be disappointed. There was not a single meal which was repeated – I stayed for three days….I heard two guests say – Why can’t we have this kind of food at home?”