Luxury Swiss cottages

Luxurious comfort

Aesthetic interiors

Double bedded cottage at Banyan by the Ganges
Twin bed cottage at Banyan by the Ganges

“The great advantage of a hotel is that it is a refuge from home life.”
– George Bernard Shaw

Accommodation at BBTG

Banyan by the Ganges provides you luxury holidays akin to a Glamping experience. The resort has 12 luxury Swiss cottages, surrounded by lush greenery. The cottages at the far end offer seclusion and privacy. The ones closer to the common areas provide for a comfortable access.

Each cottage is approximately 300 sq.ft. in area, with a spacious balcony and a large attached bathroom with all modern amenities. Your personal outdoor sit out is ideal for reading, meditating or simply breathing in the natural ambience.

View from the Riverfront cottages

The Mountainview cottages