Riverstone Diner & Lounge

The focal point of the Resort is the 40 ft X 30 ft dining room-cum-lounge. It has been built exclusively using local stones and is aptly called the Riverstone Diner. The Diner was meticulously conceptualised and built with the now hard to find art of Stone masonry which is unfortunately a dying art. We had to look beyond simply building with brick and mortar as we wanted to imbibe the essence of the mountains and the river around us. Finding artisans who could build with the traditional art was a task in itself. After searching long and hard we were able to find some old and experienced artisans who were excited to be a part of the project. These stone masons would often lapse into nostalgia as the Diner slowly took shape. What has emerged is a dining area which lends itself beautifully to the surroundings.