Reaching Banyan by the Ganges:

It’s about 75 KM from Rishikesh town and driving time is about two hours from Rishikesh. One has to drive towards Devprayag, and just a kilometre before the town of Devprayag, one has to turn sharp right to cross the bridge over the Ganga and head alongside the river towards Vyas Ghat.

Driving from Delhi NCR, there are two roads you can take to reach BBTG. One is via Rishikesh town (routemap) and the second is via Kotdwara (routemap). The Kotdwara route is more picturesque and shorter than the Rishikesh route, but you can always take the Haridwar-Rishikesh road if you want to stop at either of these two holy cities en-route.

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